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Afbeelding van het spelletje Grey Knights Paladin Squad

Grey Knights Paladin Squad
Afbeelding van het spelletje Tau Empire Xv104 Riptide Battlesuit

Tau Empire Xv104 Riptide Battlesuit
Afbeelding van het spelletje Games Workshop Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Lumineth Realm-Lords Lyrior Uthralle

Representatives of Tyrion's will among the Vanari warhosts, Lord Regents speak with an authority unmatched among their militant kin. Bedecked with dazzlingly pure aetherquartz and displaying feats of surpassing martial skill, these august warriors inspire their comrades through both word and deed.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Kill Team: Hierotek Circle

Hierotek Circles of the Necron dynasties operate in secret throughout the stars, cold-hearted coteries of android killers acting in service to obsessive Cryptek masters.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Astra Militarum Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad

While massed infantry can overwhelm the foe, it often falls to Heavy Weapons Squads to deliver the killing blow. These teams of gun crews swiftly set up their mobile heavy weapons as their comrades advance, providing the firepower to bolster battle lines.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Warcry: Rotmire Creed

The Rotmire Creed are artisans of virology, relentless in their pursuit of the perfect plague. A swamp-dwelling cult that worships Nurgle in his aspect as Lord Leech, their blowpipe darts and cruel barbs are daubed with deadly alchemical contagions.
Afbeelding van het spelletje The Glottkin

A morbid set of disease-ridden triplets, held in check and balance by their opposing attitudes and desires, the brains of the Glottkin - the pragmatic Otto and devious sorcerer Ethrac - ride to battle on the shoulders of their brother Ghurk, a creature so grotesquely swollen by the blessings of Nurgle that he could flatten most enemies unfortunate enough to
Afbeelding van het spelletje Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Guard Chimera

The Chimera is the Imperial Guard's most commonly used armoured troop carrier. These ubiquitous vehicles are extremely durable and practical, capable of mounting an array of support weapons and protecting embarked Infantry Squads from all but the most destructive of onslaughts.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Temple Bases Pre-Painted (3x 75mm Oval)

This pack contains 3 oval Battle Ready Bases 75mm wide in a temple theme. Temple Bases simulate the ruins of long lost monuments with an ancient classic flavour. Broken walls and pavements with decayed sculptural panels’ fragments, partly overrun by mosses and herbs, will provide fantastic environments for battle.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Slaves to Darkness Exalted Hero of Chaos

Games Workshop 83-67. Type product: Verzamelfiguur, Op basis van: Videospel, Thema: Warhammer Age of Sigmar. EU TSD-waarschuwing: Niet geschikt voor kinderen onder de 36 maanden. Type verpakking: Doos
Afbeelding van het spelletje Space Marines Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades

This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with iconography and details specific to the heroic Ultramarines Chapter.
Afbeelding van het spelletje World Eaters: Jakhals

Jakhals are chosen from the strongest, most savage, and bloodthirstiest followers of the World Eaters. Though merely human, these elite cultists seek to emulate the frenzied purity of their gore-crazed masters in any way they can, and dive into combat with wild abandon.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Warhammer 40.000 - Death Guard: Foul Blightspawn

This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a Foul Blightspawn. He carries an enormous, sinister tank on his back - the incubatum - brimming with foul and noxious disease, which he squirts indiscriminately with malign cheerfulness.
Afbeelding van het spelletje American Civil War Infantry

Plastic American Civil War Infantry ( box of 36 figures)
Afbeelding van het spelletje SS Panzergrenadier Platoon

SS Panzergrenadier Platoon (Plastic)includes one Unit Leader MG42 Team, six MG42 Teams, one Panzerschreck Anti-tank Team and three Unit cards. SS panzergrenadiers were heavily armed, with two MG42 machine-guns in each squad backed with plenty of guns and mortars, so their firepower (and ammunition expenditure) was immense.
Afbeelding van het spelletje American Civil War Zouaves 1861-65

This box contains 42 Zouaves including command. They are represented in full zouave kit, the most colourful uniforms seen on the battlefields of the American Civil War. The figures are all advancing rapidly with arms that allow you to depict them all at ‘right shoulder shift’ or at the more intimidating ‘charge’ .
Afbeelding van het spelletje Necromunda Palanite Subjugator Patrol

Contains 6 multipart plastic Citadel Miniatures, Previously available in Necromunda: Dark UprisingIncludes 1 Subjugator Captain and 5 Subjugator Enforcers with options for shields assault rams and grenade launchers
Afbeelding van het spelletje ORKS: BEASTBOSS

The Beastboss is the overall leader of a Beast Snaggas mob, leading from the front and crushing the choicest prey between the serrated teeth of his Beastclaw. As the foremost authority within the warband, it's his job to interpret the visions of the Wurrboyz and direct the mob towards its next hunt.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Adepta Sororitas: Morvenn Vahl Abbess Sanctorum

The Supreme Commander of the Adepta Sororitas is a powerful figure to encounter on the battlefield. Al clad up in her relic Paragon Warsuit named Purgator Mirabilis and she is carrying an ancient spear gifted to her by the Adeptus Custodes.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Fallschirmjager Starter Army

The world's first paratroopers to be used in large numbers, the German Fallschirmjager were at the tip of the spear when war broke out in 1939. They led daring assaults on strategic targets, such as the fortress at Eben Emael, enabling the following panzers to overrun Europe.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Warhammer 40.000 Space Marines Iron Hands Feirros

No living Iron Hand can recall a time when Feirros’ sardonic tones did not grace the Iron Council. Nor does any remember another wielding the axe Harrowhand during their Rite of Severance – the lopping of the left hand so that an augmetic fist may take its place is the moment in which a recruit truly becomes an Iron Hand.
Afbeelding van het spelletje French Napoleonic Infantry 1804 - 1807

This 60 figure set features heads in bicornes and new grenadier heads. We have also included porte fanion arms.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Late Saxons/Anglo Danes

The Late Saxon/Anglo Dane set contains 60 superbly detailed miniatures. The Saxons fielded mostly infantry armies. Cavalry are disputed but they were good horsemen and would sometimes ride to battle as well as walk. But this set represent the hardy Saxon Fyrd on foot. You have armoured and unarmoured figures in the set.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Kragnos The End Of Empires

Kragnos, the End of Empires, is ready to lead any army of Destruction. He is the embodiment of Ghur's savagery. His overwhelming might is nearly without equal. Smashing aside enemy soldiers and brutalising their monsters with The Dread Mace is child's play.

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