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Afbeelding van het spelletje The Ravens of Thri Sahashri

Ren: a young girl who lost her family under terrible circumstances and has now fallen into a catatonic state. Feth: a foreign boy with the ability to read the hearts of others. Together, they will try to wake Ren by rebuilding the memories closest to her heart, but ravens have come to feast on her heartbreak, and they will not be denied.
Afbeelding van het spelletje The King is Dead

The nation is divided. The Saxons are coming. King Arthur is dead. Now, more than ever, Britain needs a ruler who can unite the kingdom, but who will take the crown? Players work behind the scenes, marshalling their limited resources to give power to competing factions and gain influence within their ranks.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Star Cartel

Number of players: 3-6Ages: 14+Play time: 30-45 minutesComponents: Cartel Board, 90 Contraband cards, 27 Ship cards, 5 Contraband tokensStar Cartel is a space trading game of making the right bets at the right time.
Afbeelding van het spelletje London Bordspel Engels

A brand new edition of a popular classic, London will appeal to the strategic thinker among board game fans. Tasked with rebuilding London in the decades following the great fire, players juggle building requirements, bank loans, and poverty as they strive to realize their vision for the city.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Empire of Imagination

The first comprehensive biography of geek and gaming culture's mythic icon, Gary Gygax, and the complete story behind his invention of Dungeons & Dragons.The life story of Gary Gygax, godfather of all fantasy adventure games, has been told only in bits and pieces.
Afbeelding van het spelletje Konflikt '47

The first supplement for the Konflikt '47 Weird World War II wargames rules, this volume presents a range of new material for the game, including:- New army list: The Japanese make their presence known on the battlefields of Konflikt '47.- New units: Options for troops and technology that can be added to the armies presented in the rulebook.

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